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September 23, 2018

I was in college when the concept of social media began to mature into what it is today.  Just like social media I am different today than who I was in 2006, 2011 and even the day before yesterday.  I don’t want to be defined by something smart (or stupid) that I said in my 20s or even a few years ago when I first entered the 30s.  It feels like a blog is the safest place to post such a statement, where the algorithm isn’t designed to be as harsh as it would be on Twitter or Facebook.  So, I’m going to go off the radar for a little while and will come back when I have something substantial and positive to say–not mere retweets, re-posts or “likes.”

I will definitely come back to social media full time to promote When Porgy Came Home as soon as that documentary is done.  Until then, if you need to reach me, contact me below:

My First EP Project: The Edge of the Woods Part One

As Fate would have it, I was recruited in 2010 to be an Executive Producer for the South Carolina Film Commission.  For seven years, the Film Commission would accept applications for a $100,000.00 short film grant. The idea was to build the South Carolina film crew base by giving an opportunity to filmmakers and producers with SC roots, and to provide apprenticeships to college students.  It was an excellent program.

As of June 2013 the program has been absorbed by the awesome Trident Technical College Indie Grants Program and divided into several mini grants.  While I miss being apart of this program, I still have the rewarding experience of working with the Film Commission by hosting workshops.  More importantly, I am impressed by the leadership of the Indie Grants program, whose films have been accepted by the likes of Sundance and recruited by reality TV networks.

Under my leadership, the students they got to meet, work and network with the likes of:

The pictures attached are from the last major project that came through the program, The Edge of the Woods, directed by Grainger David.  Let me tell you, Grainger will always be cool in my book.  He willingly took on the 24 interns that were hand picked to work on his film, brought out their natural talents and before we knew it the students organized a promo trailer, location scouting, developed a character concept for “The Thing” character that was ultimately accepted by Framestore and successfully created a Twitter account that garnered more than 800 followers that included a number of film press outlets, indie investment firms, and @beatsbydre.  Yup, you read right.  That was just preproduction.

We shot in January of 2012.  The film stars Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men), Sean Bridgers (Deadwood), and Maria Dizzia (Orange is the New Black).  Our students were more than crafty Pas; they worked directly under key crew personnel and they left an impression.

There are so many stories I have to share from this film and other experiences with the program, and I will share more in the future!

Photo credits go to Andrew Callicott and Ben Walter.


My first commercial since becoming a Mommy

Two pics from the set of a PSA I coordinated.  It was my first time casting for a roll as well, and that was a tremendous learning experience in itself.  We are currently in post doing voiceovers and we have two pickup shots left.  I will post the links as soon as they are ready.

Our talent is 11 years old and this was her first paid acting gig.  Her parents are really grounded and loving.  If she decides to pursue acting full time she’ll be surrounded by supportive people.  The crew in the pictures are all guys that I’ve known for ten years.  It pays to work with family.  Truly an enjoyable experience!


First shot 6:01 pm.  Wrap 7:56 pm.  Truly a crew of professionals.


Last day of shooting 10 am on a sunny August morning.  #ohdear #highnoon #pleasedontmessupyourlines lol