I have some interesting things to share from my experiences, some points that I’d like to make, and even more interesting things to learn.  You can head over to www.LaurenWaring.com to see my official biography but in a nutshell I spent my 20s doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  Now that I’m approaching 30 I’m determined to listen to that Inner Voice we all posess to produce the content that I would like to see.  I’m building from the ground up so stay tuned!

In addition to remapping my career I’m a wife, mommy, daughter, a sister, and that friend who’s still trying to figure out her schedule.  Becoming a mother has taught me what it truly means to have a personal life!  I love salon discussions about almost anything–especially if it involves wine, cooking and drawing pictures of my experiences at my other blog New To Womanhood.



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